Fact Sheet on Existing Fluorocarbon Credit Methodologies

May 24, 2023

Reducing fluorocarbon emissions from cooling systems and foam applications is one of fastest and most cost-effective ways available today to slow global warming.

Many fluorocarbon emissions reduction activities can generate revenue through the carbon markets. The resources below provide an overview of existing carbon credit methodologies related to fluorocarbons. Under current protocols, the following activities may be eligible:

  • Commercial refrigeration system retrofits and installations

  • Leak detection and reduction in commercial refrigeration systems

  • Low Global Warming Potential blowing agent usage in foam manufacturing

  • Recovery and reclamation of used refrigerants

  • Recovery and disposal of refrigerants from stockpiles or equipment

  • Recovery and disposal of foam blowing agents from appliances or buildings

What’s missing? The recovery and destruction of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants is not an eligible activity on major registries, except in Mexico. The Carbon Containment Lab supports the expansion of current fluorocarbon destruction methodologies to include HFCs and has drafted an updated methodology to advance the field.

Primer on Refrigerant Methodologies

Complete summary table of existing fluorocarbon methodologies and eligibility flowchart.

One Page Summary

Abbreviated information sheet for easy reference.


Flowchart outlining eligible activities under each methodology.

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