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Selin Gören

Selin Gören is a Research Analyst at the Carbon Containment Lab.

Selin works on designing and deploying novel geologic carbon sequestration technologies, focusing on in-situ carbon mineralization. She spent the summer of 2023 in Iceland, studying renewable energy technology and natural resource economics. Here, she started working on an independent study, assessing the potential for deploying commercial-scale in-situ carbon mineralization technologies in basaltic rock, where freshwater might be limited. This work later culminated in her senior thesis titled "Turning Carbon Emissions into Rocks: Use of Saline Water in Geologic Carbon Sequestration by Subsurface In-Situ CO2 Mineralization." 

Selin also focuses on the intersection between global & national climate policy and carbon markets. At COP28 in Dubai, she partnered with Woodwell Climate Research Center to track the Paris Climate Agreement Article 6 negotiations. Selin is passionate about combining the best tools of environmental science, policy, and finance to develop effective and equitable climate mitigation solutions. She also has a deep-rooted interest and background in environmental communication. 

During high school, Selin led the youth climate action group Fridays for Future in her hometown, Istanbul. She recently graduated from Yale College in 2024, magna cum laude (Phi Beta Kappa), with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and certificates in Advanced Spanish and Energy Studies. Outside of work, Selin enjoys practicing yoga, dancing tango, discovering new museums, and collecting vinyls. 

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